How do I cancel a completed transaction?

Some buyers are super excited to get your good stuff!  Or maybe you marked an item sold too quickly.  That's OK!  

If a buyer rushes things a bit and has marked items as paid but not yet picked up the items, the seller can cancel the transaction within 48 hours after it is marked sold.  Just open the transaction and tap  "Cancel Transaction".  The seller will need to reserve the items again for the buyer to recreate a current transaction.

If you are looking for how to cancel a current transaction, please see: How do I cancel a current transaction?

On mobile devices

You can cancel a transaction two ways:

  1. Tap the "Woohoo! You sold..." notification, then tap on "Cancel Transaction"
  2. If you have cleared the "Woohoo" notification, you can open "My Transactions" from the menu, tap the "Past" tab, tap the transaction then tap "Cancel Transaction".

On the website 

Access the transaction by tapping on the "Woohoo! You sold....." notification, then tap on "Cancel Transaction".  

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