How do I cancel a current transaction?

If you are a seller that needs to cancel a completed transaction that a buyer marked as paid, see:  How do I cancel a completed transaction?

Sometimes a buyer or seller decides to cancel an entire transaction.  This can be done a couple of different ways.  

iOS & Android apps

Desktop website

iOS & Android 

On mobile apps, a seller can unreserve items or the buyer can remove their interest to remove items from a transaction.  If all items are unreserved or interest cancelled, the entire transaction will be cancelled.  A buyer or a seller can also cancel an entire transaction from the My Transactions view.    

  1. In your "My Transactions" view, tap the transaction you want to cancel.  
  2. Tap "Edit" in the top right corner
  3. Tap "Cancel Transaction"

    Buyers will be prompted to confirm they want to cancel the transaction.Sellers will be prompted to enter a reason for cancelling.  This provides important data to our corporate office regarding no shows, but please be sure to also report that to the admin of your community so they can follow their defined process for no shows. 

  4. Once cancelled, the transaction will show "Cancelled" status on the Past tab of "My Transactions"


A seller can cancel an item from a transaction, by unreserving the item.  Click here to learn how to unreserve an item.

A buyer can cancel an item in their transaction by removing their interest on an item.  Click here to learn how to remove interest on an item.  

Unreserving or canceling interest on all items in a transaction cancels the transaction.

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