How do I find My Transactions?

iOS & Android apps

Desktop website

Put down your post it notes and hold on to your hats, because My Transactions is going to change your life.  In one place, quickly see every buyer or seller you are transacting with. No way?!  Yes way!   

No more post it note scribbles - see who you are transacting with all in one place.  Tap the transaction to easily remove any items that aren’t quite your thing, and instantly the total will update - automatically!  No math required on your part.  But wait, there’s more!

Want to offer a discount?  Easily update pricing in one place!  How about a payment summary for your sale and a transaction history! Yes, VarageSale has it!    

But take note! Only items that have a buyer assigned to them will show up here!  Since My Transactions is new, sellers will need to go assign buyers to their items for them to show in My Transactions for both the buyer and the seller! 

Android & iOS mobile apps

Tap the " Me" face icon on the bottom navigation bar, then tap on "My Transactions"

You will see: 

  • People you are selling to
  • People you are buying from
  • A tab for current transactions & a tab for past transactions

Tap on a person you are selling to or buying from, and you can:

  • Message the member
  • See all the items reserved & total cost
  • Modify items by tapping "Edit", then "Edit items"
  • Set or modify a scheduled meetup
  • Tap an item to mark it sold or unreserve it (seller) or remove interest (buyer)
  • Mark items as sold (seller) or mark transaction as completed (buyer)
  • Cancel an entire transaction

Desktop website

Click on your profile picture at the top of the page, then " My Transactions"

As a seller, you will see:

  • People you are selling to
  • Items people are interested in
  • Items you've sold

Tap on a person you are selling to, and you can:

  • Praise a buyer (if you haven't praised them before)
  • See all the items reserved for them & total cost
  • Mark all items sold with one click
  • Click an item to unreserve it

As a buyer, you will see:

  • People you're buying from
  • Items you're interested in
  • Items you've bought

Tap on a seller's name and you can:

  • Praise the seller (if you've never praised them before)
  • See all items reserved for you and the total cost
  • Click on an item to cancel interest

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