How do I praise other members?

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If you haven't praised a member before, you will be prompted to when you complete a transaction with them, or when they have praised you.   You can also praise a member directly from their profile.  If you have already praised someone, you won't be prompted to again.  If you want to refresh your praise for a member, you can  delete the praise you previously left, and praise them again.  

iOS & Android apps

Desktop website

iOS & Android apps

  1. Tap a member's name to view their profile
  2. Tap "Praises
  3. You can view the member's praises, or tap the "Praise" button to add one from you
    Note: If you don't see a praise button, you likely have already praised that member and won't be able to do so again

  4. Compose your praise and tap "Send"

Desktop Website

  1. Click on the member's name anywhere you see it (in the feed, on an item view, or in your private message conversation) to view the member profile.  You can scroll down and click on the "Praise" tab to see praises left for that member.  
  2. To leave a praise for someone, click the "Praise" button with the star icon 
  3. Compose your praise and click the "Submit Praise" button
  4. A confirmation will show that the praise was submitted successfully and it will be listed on the member's profile
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