All about Praise! What it is and some common questions

Our praise system is designed to recognize the overall positive experiences with unique sellers and buyers.  Other members will be able to see your praises and can use this information when deciding to buy or sell from someone.  Scroll down to see some commonly asked questions about praises

To see your own praises or someone else's:

Tap a member's name to view a profile (including your own), then tap on " Praises"

Q: Why can't I leave a praise for a member? There's no praise button!  (Or, Can I praise a member more than once?)

A: At this time a member can only praise someone one time. We designed it this way to ensure that the number of praises represented unique members having a positive experience with that person. 

Q: Why can I only praise someone once? 

A: If you see a member with 50+ praises, you know that there are 50 members who took the time to praise that person, rather than one person praising them 20 times, and another praising them another 20 times, and another praising 10, for a total of only 3 members praising that person. That's a big difference! We feel this more accurately reflects the experience a new member is likely to have with that person, and that's what the praise system is all about! 

It also makes it a bit more fair for those members who may not buy or sell huge amounts of items, but who are still good members of the community. It is more of an emphasis on the overall quality of your experience over time, rather than the quantity of experiences. 

Q: What if I want to refresh my praise to give a more recent expression of my positive experience?  

A:  You can delete the praise you have left for someone else, and then praise them again, if you'd like to leave a "fresher" one about your more recent positive experience.  

Q:  What if my experience with another member was not positive? Can I leave a negative praise?

A:  Praise was intended to publicly express positive interactions. If you have had a negative interaction, you can reach out to the admin of your community for guidance.  Admins will help you determine if your experience was something that should be noted on the record of the other member, and they will reach out to them to help them correct their actions so they can be a member of the community in good standing.  

Click here to learn how to praise another member.

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