How do I cancel my interest in an item?

As a buyer, you can change your mind, or cancel interest in an item, by clicking " I'm no longer interested" in the private message sent to the seller,  in "My Stuff", on the item view, or on the "Interested" comment.  If the item is reserved for you, cancelling your interest will change the item status back to available, and it will no longer be reserved for you.  

** Please note - if you did not use the "Message Seller" button to let a seller know you were interested, you will need to click it, then click "I'm no longer interested" to cancel your interest on the item.  

In Private Message conversation with the seller, click on "I'm no longer Interested".

On the item view, click on "Not Interested".  You can find this on the web under My Transactions --> Buying --> Items You're Interested in.  On mobile, you can find the item under My Stuff --> Watching.  

On the Interested comment, click on "I'm no longer interested":

On mobile, you can get to the item in your My Stuff on your Watching list, tap on the item, and then tap on " Not Interested".  Click here for how to find "My Stuff".

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