Why was I denied or revoked?

Each community is moderated by a team of admins that determine the guidelines for membership to that specific community. There are three main reasons why you might be denied:

  • Your location is missing or incorrect. If this is the case, please change your location and contact your admin. 
  • Your location is too far. If this is the case, please look for a community closer to your location. 
  • Your account doesn't meet other membership criteria for the community. 

Membership into a community may be revoked when a member hasn't followed the community guidelines or if a member no longer meets the community membership criteria, such as requirements regarding location or account settings. If you don't remember receiving a message regarding being denied or revoked, you can get in touch with your community admin to discuss further.

Here's how to contact your admin while denied or revoked, if you can't view your messages to reply to the revoke or denial message sent to you: 


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