How do I mark an ISO/Looking For item as Found?

Once you've found "Looking For" item that you posted, you can mark it item as "Found".

On the web

iOS app

Android/Kindle app


  1. Click on the item in your My Stuff tab to open the item detail view. 
  2. Click on Edit button beside the item.

  3. Check the Mark item as "Found it" option. Please note that this action can not be undone!

  4. Click Save.

iOS App

  1. Tap the "3 dot" More button.

  2. Select My Stuff.

  3. Tap on the item you wish to mark as Found.

  4. Tap on Edit.

  5. Select Looking For.

  6. Select Found It!
  7. Tap Save.

Android/Kindle app

  1. Tap the "3 line" icon at the top left of the app.
  2. Tap on My Stuff.

  3. Select the item you'd like mark as "Found".

  4. Tap on Edit.

  5. Tap on LOOKING FOR.

  6. Select Found It!
  7. Tap Save.

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