How do I find My Stuff?

Please note: You can filter your My Stuff view to see items in one community or all communities.   

iOS & Android mobile apps

Desktop website

iOS & Android mobile apps

  1. Tap "Me" from the bottom navigation bar
  2. Tap "My Stuff"
  3. Tap on the headers to switch between:
    Items - Items you are selling - listed by category
    Discussions - Discussion posts you've created
    Watching - Items you have commented on or clicked "Watch" & discussions you have commented on
  4. You can use the community list on the right (which defaults to "All Communities") to view only the items in specific communities, if you would like.   

Desktop Website

  1. Click on the My Stuff store icon at the top of the web page or click on your profile photo, then click on "My Stuff".  

  2. Now you will see the following tabs:
    My Items - Items you have listed in the community.  Think of this as your store inventory.
    You can also click on the headers to see your items by status - Available, Reserved, Sold & anything you have posted that you are "Looking For".
    My Discussions - Discussions you have started in the community.  
    Watching - Items you have commented on, been tagged in or have clicked to "watch".
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