How do I leave a community?

iOS & Android apps

Desktop Website

When you leave a community, all your items are removed.  This is the quickest and easiest way to remove all items at once.  Also, all discussions are removed and all items watched are no longer watched. This will also disconnect your VarageSale account from any comments you may have left in the community (comments remain for continuity of conversation).

If you choose to rejoin the community, you will resume your previous status in the community (Active, Denied or Revoked), but your items, comments and watched items will not be restored/

iOS and Android mobile apps

  1. Tap "Me" on the bottom navigation bar
  2. Tap "Manage My Communities" & then tap the you want community to leave
  3. Tap "Leave Community"
  4. Tap "Yes" or "Leave" on the confirmation screen

Desktop website

  1. Click your profile picture at the top of the page then click "Preferences"

  2. Click "My Communities"

  3. Click "Leave Community"

  4. Ensure you understand the impact of leaving the community then click " Leave Community" if you still want to do so

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