How will I know when someone is interested in my item?

When someone is interested in your item, they can let you know a few different ways.  In each of these scenarios, you'll receive a notification that tells you someone has expressed interest, made a comment, or sent you a private message. 

1. When a member taps the " Message Seller" button, you'll receive a notification, see a comment on your item that says "________ is interested in buying this item" and if they send the private message, you'll see it in your VarageSale inbox.

Notification: Comment: Private Message:

2. When a member comments on your item, you'll receive a notification and see the comment in the comment thread on your item's post.


3. When a member sends a private message, you'll receive a notification and see the message in your VarageSale inbox

Message notification:

Now, go ahead and message them back to finalize the sale!  

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