Why is my admin asking for my social media profile link?

VarageSale offers two methods of account creation - one uses an email address and cell phone verification.  The other method uses a connection to your Facebook account to verify your VarageSale account.  This offers an easy way to log in without a separate password and for other members to view your public Facebook profile.  This allows other members to know that you are a real person connected to their local area and helps contribute to the great feeling of comfort & community when buying and selling on VarageSale.   

In April, 2018, Facebook made some significant changes to how authorized apps like VarageSale connect to a member's public Facebook profile.  For VarageSale, that means the link on a VarageSale member's profile that links out to Facebook no longer works. We don't know if this is a permanent or temporary change.  

In the meantime, your admin team may ask for additional information when you request to join a community, since they aren't able to verify that information by the link on your account.  Providing a link to your public Facebook profile may help the admins verify that you meet the criteria for that community the quickest way possible.  

This does help ensure that you and other members of a community experience the type of shopping experience that VarageSale is known for:  local, safer and community based. 

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