Announcing Meetup Reminders

If you’ve ever been stood up for a sale, you’re gonna love our newest feature—meetup reminders! VarageSale will now send a reminder to both the buyer and the seller an hour before your meetup. Once you’ve reserved your item for the buyer, simply tap “Schedule a meetup” to help prevent flaking and spread happiness throughout VarageSale land.  Read on for all the details!  

Q: Who can schedule a meetup reminder?
A: Sellers using the iOS or Android mobile apps can schedule meetups.   

Q: How do I schedule a meetup?
A: While reserving your item or after it has already been reserved, tap "Schedule a meetup" and enter the location, date and time details.  See detailed steps in our How do I schedule a meetup reminder? knowledge base article.  

Q: Do I have to enter a location?
A: Location is optional, but highly recommended!  The location will be displayed on the My Transactions screen for both members, and in the PM conversation.

Q: What if I am a seller on web or mobile web?
A: Right now, you won't be able to schedule a meetup. BOO!  There is no ETA on release for other platforms right now.  If you have a mobile device that can support the mobile app, we highly recommend installing it for a full featured experience.  

Q: Can I prevent my address from being visible after a meetup has passed?
A:  After the scheduled time has passed for a meetup, or if the meetup is cancelled, the address information is no longer visible on the mobile apps. However, that meetup information is visible in the private message conversation on the website, so you should only give out your address if you are comfortable doing so.  

Q: Will a buyer who only uses the website still get notified of a scheduled meetup?
A: Yes, they will receive a reminder notification about the scheduled meetup.  

Q: Will a buyer who only uses the website see meetup information?
A: Yes, meetup information will be visible in the private message conversation with the seller.  

Q: What if this is a porch pickup with no set time?
A: A seller will still need to enter location, date and time in order to schedule a meetup.  We suggest getting a general time you expect the buyer to come, so the reminder notification will be useful to them.  

Q: Where do I see the details about a scheduled meetup?
A: For mobile app users, meetup information is visible on the transaction view and in the private message conversation.  For other than mobile app users, the information is visible in the private message conversation with the seller.  

Q: If my community has a weekly swap, will I receive 25 notifications if I schedule meetups with 25 members for the same day and time?
A: Yes.  If you are transacting with someone who is a regular swap attendee, you may might want to skip scheduling a meetup for that person to minimize the number of notifications you receive.  

Q: How do I reschedule a meetup?
A: Tap the meetup details in the transaction and make any changes necessary.  Note that previously confirmed meetups will be visible in the private message conversation (but grayed out) so both sides can see the history of the arrangements. 

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