What is the response time on a profile?

Have you ever found an item that looked interesting and thought to yourself:  "Self, I wonder how long this seller might take to respond to me.  I'd love to have this item by the weekend, but will they get back to me in time?  How am I to know? Should I bother clicking interested?  I JUST DON'T KNOW!"

Not to worry!  We can't guarantee someone will *always* respond speedy quick, but we can give you a good idea if they are likely to respond within a day.  We do this by displaying a response time when a seller typically responds within an hour, a few hours or within a day.  

Here's how it works:
Response time is calculated over a period of time based on a seller's responses (a PM sent or item reserved for the buyer) who clicked on the "Message Seller" button on an item.  When that usual response time is less than a day, we'll highlight that quick response on the member's profile.  

We know many sellers work really hard to respond as quickly as possible and this highlight will show when those sellers are able to meet those goals.  

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