Simplified Item Management FAQ

What is Simplified Item Management (or SIM)?

A: Making it easier to post your items in multiple communities is the #1 request we've received, and now we have a solution! We call it Simplified Item Management and it allows you to easily manage all your items in one place, no matter how many communities you sell in.

How does it work?

A: Items are automatically visible in other nearby communities, based on your settings, as well as any communities you specifically chose to publish your item to.  You don’t need to manually cross-post items anymore!

What if I don’t want to sell items in all the communities that I’m a member? Can I pick which communities I want my items available for sale in?

A: Yes, you can choose the communities you have turned on by default, as well as make changes item by item, when posting.  Check out how in the  How To Post an Item article.

To change the communities that are always selected by default, check out  How to Change Community Defaults.  

Are my discussions visible in multiple communities?  

A: No, discussions are not shared to nearby communities.

Could my item show up in a community that I’m not a member of? When? Why?

A: Yes, your items may appear in additional nearby community that you're not a member of, but only if you have the "Additional Nearby Communities" option enabled in your Item Selling community defaults settings/preferences AND the nearby community has settings turned on to allow items to be shared to it.  This is common in newly created communities to help them grow.

You can turn off "additional nearby communities" in your Item Selling community defaults.

When I search, is it only searching inside a specific community?

A: Searching will include all of the items posted within that community, as well as any items cross posted into that community from other nearby communities.

When I view items in a category, is it only viewing inside a specific community?

A: Yes, you will only see items that are visible in your community.  

How do weekly meet posts work with SIM?

A: For now, weekly meet posts still need to be posted separately into each community. This means your My Store / My Stuff will appear to have duplicate items if you attend multiple swaps in your area communities. As a workaround, you can write the community you posted in into the description to tell them apart.

When posting, if I’m a member of a regular community and a women-only community how does that work?

A: It works the same as any other regular community. If women-only community members are also members of other communities, the items they post in the other communities will appear in all of their communities, if they have the option to cross-post turned on. Only members approved in women-only communities will be able to post items in that community.

Items posted in women-only communities may radiate into other nearby communities, and you may receive comments from members of those nearby communities on the items. If you don't want your items to radiate to other nearby communities,  here's how to disable it.

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