Where do I see my Top Member status?

Your Top Member progress is calculated on a monthly basis.  If you are a Top Member (or not) right now, that is your status for *last month*.  

You can view your Top Member progress for the current month in the Settings/Preferences of your VarageSale account. You need to meet the Top Member criteria each month to maintain that Top Member status.  

Click here for details on the Top Member program rules.
Click here to read more about the Top Member program.

iOS & Android apps

Desktop website

iOS & Android apps

  1. Tap "Me" on the bottom navigation bar 

  2. Tap "Top Members Progress"
  3. View your progress towards achieving Top Member status

Desktop website

  1. Click on your name or profile picture at the top of the screen then click "Preferences"

  2. Click "Top Member"  

  3. View your progress towards achieving Top Member status

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