How do I use Vacation Mode?

Do you need a vacation?  (Who doesn't?)  Need to put your account on hold for a few technology free days?  Use Vacation mode!  

When Vacation Mode is on, your items are temporarily hidden from the feed, category views & your profile so that your items are less visible while you are taking a break.  You can set the length of time (up to 30 days), and you can also turn on an auto response to automatically send a response to anyone who messages you during the time you are unavailable.  

Please note: Vacation mode does not prevent people from messaging you, nor does it hide your items from a direct link someone might have (such as from a notification or a share).  

iOS & Android apps

Desktop website

iOS & Android apps

  1. Tap "Me" from the bottom navigation bar
  2. Scroll to and tap "Settings" then "Toggle Vacation Mode"
  3. Toggle Vacation mode on, select the number of days (up to 30) & turn on the auto responder, if needed

On the web

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and then click on Preferences
  2. Click on the Vacation Mode tab
  3. Set your preferred settings for Vacation mode.  You do not have to turn on the auto-response.
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