How do I update my mobile app?

How do I update my mobile app for Android or iOS?

** Please Note ** VarageSale is a free app.  If you are prompted to enter payment information, the App store does not have payment information configured for your account.  That is an app store request, and you should be able to select "none", if you choose not to enter that information. 

iOS app

Android app

For iOS

1.  Open the App Store from your home screen

2.  Tap on "Updates" on the bottom right to view a list of available updates.

3.  Tap on "Update" next to VarageSale.  The app will go through the update process.

4.  After updating, the app will show under the date updated and will have an "Open" button instead of an "Update" button.

If you only see an "Open" button, your app is already at the most current version available.  

For Android

1.  Open the App store from the app list

2.  Tap the three lines in the top left corner

3.  Tap "My apps" to display installed apps.

4.  Tap "VarageSale" with Update listed next to it

5.  Tap "Update".  The app will update

6.  Once updated, VarageSale will have "Installed" instead of Update.  This means the app is at the most current version available.

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