What are some common terms and abbreviations?

List of Yard Sale "Lingo" & Abbreviations:

  • PPU - Pending Pick Up (aka "Reserved") or Porch Pick Up
  • BUMP - Means "bring up my post". This brings your items to the top of the group's feed.
  • EUC - Excellent Used Condition
  • NWT - New with tags
  • NWOT - New without tags
  • ISO - In search of - the person is looking for that item, not selling.
  • PM - Private message
  • Tag - Adding someone’s name to a photo so they can find it easily. Do this by typing the person's full name. It should appear in blue when you’ve tagged someone correctly.
  • Next - If the "Want or Interested" falls through, next will be the next in line.

We also have this blog post with some of the acronyms and their meanings. https://www.varagesale.com/blog/bump-this-buy-and-sell-acronyms-defined-part-i/

If you see other terms you are not familiar with, you can check out your community's "Admin Tips" category.

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