What is the feed?

The "feed" is where you will find items that are currently visible in your community.  The content of the feed is determined by many different factors, including recent activity on the item, your location, etc. You can scroll down the feed to see what items are listed.

iOS app

Desktop Website

iOS & Android mobile apps

Tap " Feed" near the top of the screen.  If you aren't on a view that shows the top navigation options, tap the "Home" button on the bottom navigation bar, then tap "Feed".  

To refresh the feed, pull down from the top of the screen.  

To quick jump back to the top of the feed:
On iOS, tap the top edge of the screen (near the time display)
On Android, start to scroll back up, and tap the jump arrow that appears at the top of the feed  

Desktop Website

When you first enter your community, simply scroll down to see what others are posting.  You can return to the feed any time by clicking on " Feed" near the top of the screen.

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