How do I search?

The search bar is used to find items and people. It will searches keywords in titles and descriptions of items. If a member hasn’t added keywords to their title or description, their item won't appear in a search.

To narrow down your search, use fewer or more specific keywords, or search within a specific category.    Check out this article for category searching.  

Here is what is searchable:

  • Members - Name & Location
  • Discussions - Title & Description
  • Posts - Title & Description

Note: Searching will include all of the items visible within that community. 

iOS & Android mobile apps

On the web

iOS & Android mobile apps

Tap on the magnifying glass icon to perform a search.

Enter your search keywords and then tap the magnifying glass on the keyboard.

On the web

To search for items, type keywords into the "Search things & people" bar on the main page and press Enter.

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