How do I bump?

Please note that there are multiple ways that your item can get bumped

Note: The Small Business Directory category posts aren't bumpable, so they will not have a bump arrow.  

iOS & Android mobile apps

Desktop Website

iOS & Android mobile apps

  1. Tap "Me" on the bottom navigation bar

  2. Tap "My Stuff"
  3. You can long press on the item to receive the option to bump OR tap the item to open the item view, then tap the bump arrow
  4. You will receive feedback telling you how many bumps you have left.  

On the web

  1. Click on "My Stuff"

  2. Click on any blue bump arrow to bump your items.  If there is no blue bump arrow, your bump timer/limits have not expired quite yet.

You can also bump when viewing the individual item.  While viewing your My Stuff, select the item you'd like to bump, then click on the blue "Bump" arrow next to the item.

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