How do I follow or unfollow a category?

Following a category means you will receive periodic notifications of items posted into that category. If you are currently following a category, and want notifications to just stop already, you can unfollow the category.  Following or unfollowing a category applies to all of the communities in which you are a member.  

Please note that if you're following a category, you can't unfollow any of its subcategories (they will appear greyed out). You'll have to unfollow the higher level main category and then follow the specific subcategories you're interested in Following.

Remember, the button will tell you the action that will be taken when you click it. If you do NOT want notifications on items posted in a category, make sure this button says "Follow".

iOS & Android apps

Desktop Website

iOS & Android apps

  1. Tap "Categories" near the top of the screen
  2. Navigate to the category you'd like to follow or unfollow.  If you are wanting to follow or unfollow a main category, be sure to tap "All ___ items" - such as "All Baby Items" or "All Home items"
  3. Tap "Follow" to start receiving notifications  
    Tap "Following" to stop receiving notifications

Desktop website

To follow, navigate to the category and click the " + Follow" button.  You will see it change to "- Unfollow", indicating you are now following that category.  When following a category, you'll get notifications for all newly posted items in that category.

To unfollow a category and stop receiving notifications, click on the " -Unfollow" button.  You will see it change to "+Follow" indicating you are not following that category.  

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