Error received: User opted out of platform or Turn on platform

If you receive the following error: 

"User opted out of platform: 
The action attempted is disallowed, because the user has opted out of Facebook platform."
"Turn on Platform:
You previously turned off platform apps, websites & plugins.  To use this feature, you need to turn them back on, which also resets your Apps Others Use settings to their default settings."

If you receive this message while trying to share to Facebook, you have opted out of allowing other apps, websites & plugins to interact with your Facebook account. You have two options.

1 - If you want to keep your platform setting disabled, you can copy the URL of the item you want to share, then paste the URL into a Facebook post.  

2- You can change your Facebook settings to allow other platforms to interact with your Facebook account.  General instructions on how do that are as follows, but these instructions may not be exact due to differences Facebook may have between devices, mobile app versions, or changes they may make to their platform at any time.  If these instructions don't match what you see, please check Facebook's help files for how to enable Apps, Websites & Plugins.

Mobile apps

Desktop website

Mobile apps

  1. Tap "Account Settings" from the Facebook mobile app menu
  2. Tap "Apps"
  3. Tap "Platform"
  4. Tap "App and Websites"
  5. Tap "Turn on Platform"

This will allow websites & apps you may use to interact with your Facebook account.

Desktop Website

  1. Click the dropdown arrow on the top navigation bar, then click "Settings"
  2. Click "App Settings"
  3. On the "Apps, Websites & Plugins" section, click "Edit"
  4. Click "Enable Platform"

This will allow websites & apps you may use to interact with your Facebook account.

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