How do I schedule a meetup reminder?

Read about our  Meetup Reminder feature here and then scroll on to find out how to schedule a meetup reminder for yourself. 

**Note** Right now, only sellers using the mobile apps can schedule meetups. If you are using the Android or iOS mobile app and don't see the " Schedule a meetup" option, please update your mobile app.  

iOS & Android mobile apps

To schedule a meeting while  reserving an item:   

  1. While reserving your item, tap "Schedule a meetup"

  2. Enter the agreed upon meeting details.  Location is optional, but recommended, as this information will be easily visible to both members on the transaction screen and in private message. 
  3. Tap "Reserve Item

You can also tap " Schedule a meetup" on an item already reserved.  Enter the meetup details and tap "Save"

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