What is the shopping cart?

When a buyer and seller meet, we’ve now built a cart experience that allows the buyer to take out their phone and review the items they’re buying. The buyer can remove items they no longer want (possibly after inspecting the items). Then the buyer clicks the “Pay” button and hands over the money to the seller. The buyer and seller are immediately notified with a transaction history. 

The seller can also go to My Transactions, view the transaction cart and change a price (in a situation where there’s some final price negotiation) or remove an item from the transaction.

This means that buyers are now completing transactions instead of sellers marking items as sold after they’re done. This change in the buy & sell process makes the transaction very clear, including final price, what’s being bought/sold, etc.

As a buyer, when viewing your shopping cart, you can  edit your transaction, or tap "Pay _____ with cash".

After confirming that you have paid, both buyer and seller will receive a summary view of your transaction.

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