How can I add VarageSale to my Facebook favourites?

** Please note: Facebook has made changes to the way they arrange "Favorites".  Unfortunately, this is not something that we can control from our side, as VarageSale is a separate platform.  If you no longer have the VarageSale Facebook app listed so that it is easily accessible, we do recommend you use a separate tab on your browser to log into VarageSale and monitor activity. This eliminates the need to have Facebook open while browsing VarageSale.  

Here is how you can (try to) add the VarageSale app to your Favourites on Facebook.  

  1. Search for "VarageSale" in your Facebook search bar.
  2. Select the "VarageSale" option which has "App" written right under it.
  3. Allow the app to use your public profile and friends' list.
  4. Click on the link near the upper left-hand corner which says "VarageSale Dashboard."
  5. Go back to your Facebook home page.
  6. Find "Apps" on the left side of your home page. Click "More" if necessary.
  7. Hover over the VarageSale icon in your Apps list.
  8. Click on gear icon next to it and choose "Add to Favorites."
  9. VarageSale should now be on your favourites list.

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